Finding the Right 18 Inch Dishwasher

My old Magic Chef dishwasher recently failed me in a time of need. Thanksgiving dinner! The faithful apartment model, 18 inch dishwasher, that saved me from wrinkled, dish-water hands on numerous occasions, bowed down and decided it had washed enough dishes. This unfortunate incident left me in a world of trouble. You see, Christmas, and New Years were still on the way, and I like to entertain!

So I grabbed my husband Jim by the hand, and off we went to our local appliance store. I knew I had to handle this situation delicately. Jim is frugal, but also doesn’t like to compromise on quality. Go figure!  I had my work cut out for me. The world of selection one has set before them, when looking for an affordable 18 inch dishwasher, is to say the least, mind numbing.

Prices can range from an easy on the wallet $280 up to $3000 dollars plus tax, for an apartment sized model. There I was in the store with hubby Jim eying the sales staff, with his indignant stare, silently letting them know we weren’t suckers. Buying any product with that man can be a chore, as he is so set on winning the sales battle, he will often talk us out of a good deal. I planned on leaving with my new dishwasher, and I wasn’t going to be disappointed!

We started looking at some of the lower end models, like the Avanti DW18. This dishwasher is fine if your still living in the 70’s, and don’t particularly care about having a fresh, modern look. The salesman suggested we look at their Danby models. They feature the 18 inch design I was looking for, along with modern styling, and the lowest water consumption of all apartment sized 18 inch dishwashers.

The Danby DDW1802, DDW1809, DDW1899BLS, and DDW1899WP dishwashers all feature are all energy star compliant, have 7 wash cycles, 3.8 gallon water consumption (on low and medium cycles), soft water feature, and a feature that sanitizes your dishes. I was impressed at this point because these dishwashers were ten steps beyond my Magic Chef. 

All were were suitable, apartment sized dishwashers, and Jim and I decided on the DW1802 model because it was the most of its sleek, off-white color and simplicity in design. It wasn’t by any means a compromise, as all the Danby models offer similar features. The dishwasher looks great in the rather tight space our small apartment offers. 

Needless to say when our adventure was over, I had a new 18 inch dishwasher for my small apartment, and Jim walked away happy with the value we got, and the price we paid (under $500). Our holiday entertaining could finally resume!


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